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Single Phase Power Analyzer

Naman Enterprises
The DPA instrument is indigenously designed and developed by Naman Enterprises to make the testing Simpler, Faster, Accurate and Reliable with its high performing DSP based circuitry and user friendly operational features. It serves various industries in Electrical Machines (like Transformers, Motors, Stabilizer), Power Electronics (like UPS, Inverter, Rectifiers) and Lighting devices (CFL, Ballast, LEDs). This Instrument is Certified by ERTL, NABL Acredited Lab.

The high speed simultaneous sampling using 24-bit ADC ensures True RMS measurement for the wide range of input Voltage and Current. This instrument displays Voltage, Current, Frequency, Active Power, Power Factor and Apparent Power simultaneously in a 7-Segment Display. The measurement is valid at all power factors and gives accurate results even in the presence of harmonics inthe system.

The meter is provided with HOld Facility. The functionally of the meter is further enhanced with PC interfacing facility through USB Port (Model DPA-2). The accompanying software is capable of Data Logging and viewing the Meter Variables in real time on computer using the GUI provided. This Meter is provided with SD memory card facility to save upto 10000 test results with serial no. and data can be retrieve later by inserting this card to PC or Laptop (Model DPA-3).
Key Features
  1. Model:DPA-1 : Regular
  2. Model:DPA-2 : USB interface
  3. Model:DPA-3 : USB interface & SD Card slot
Technical Specifications

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Panel Description

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